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This friction seal lid enables the paint, varnish or oil, to either be

accessed directly from the tin using a brush or poured from the tin

while preventing paint, varnish or oil from settling in the channel

or covering the label to make it unreadable. SLICA  makes opening

and resealing your lid easy and reduces rusty tins and rust flakes

in your paint.

Proudly designed and manufactured in Brisbane Australia.

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Slica Fits Paint, Varish, Decking oil co

 Authorised Stockists

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Camp Hill Antique Centre 

 Daisy Layne Shop 64
545 Old Cleveland Road,

Camp Hill , QLD 4152

Ph: 0418 180 974

Stock /Lime - Teal - Blue

Shabby Treasures down the lane

26 Nepean Street,

Arana Hills

QLD 4054

Ph: 0413 399 656

 Stock Lime

Daisy Layne

Click & Collect,

Victoria Point

QLD 4165

Ph: 0418 180 974

Stock Lime - Teal - Blue

Fuller Flips

Victoria Point

QLD 4165

Stock Lime

Harts Paints

425 Newman Road

Geebung QLD 4034

Ph: 07 3865 6180

Stock Lime - Blue

Uncover the gem

Tanah Merah 

QLD 4128

Ph:  0435 720 300

Stock Lime 

Bristol Paints Nerang

Shop 1/42 Spenser Street 

Nerang, QLD 4211 

Ph:  07 55963555

Stock Lime & Blue  

Daisy Layne

Click & Collect,


QLD 4105

Ph: 0418 180 974
Stock Lime - teal - Blue

Daisy Layne

7/ 22 Bainbridge Street,


QLD 4160

Ph: 0418 180 974

Stock/ Lime -Teal - Blue 

Jeays Mitre 10

10 Handcock Steet,


QLD 4017

Ph:07 32691015

Stock Blue

Driftwood Boutique 

4 /22-26 James Street 


 QLD 4703

 Ph: 07 49392005

Stock Teal 

Distressed Lady

Click & Collect,


Stock Lime & Teal

New South Wales

Stroud Valley Harvest

69 Cowper Street,

NSW 2425

Ph: 0414 863 045

Stock Teal

White and Wicker

12 Waterford Parade

Skennars Head
NSW 2478

Ph: 0408 064 027

Stock Teal

White Mica

8/112 McEvoy Street

NSW 2015

Ph: 02 8959 6475

Stock  Lime Green & Blue - Arriving soon

South Australia

Interior Motif

Shop 69, Golden Grove Village 

Shopping Centre

Golden Grove, SA 5125

Ph: 0419 846 711

Stock Teal


Mint Furniture Revamped

403 Packington Street, 


 VIC 3220

Ph: 0499 169 871

Stock Lime

Barleycorn Vintage

Shop 4 Link Arcade,


VIC  3429

Ph: 0432 699 093

Stock Teal

Henry James & Co
56 Binney Street, Euroa
VIC 3666
Ph: 0487 364 989

Stock Teal

New Zealand

Paint Me Vintage

481 Pyes  Pa Road

Tauranga, 3173

New Zealand 


Stock Teal - Lime - Blue

Dooney and Daughters

122 UplandRoad 

Remuera Auckland 1050

New Zealand

Stock Lime

Rock Me Revamp

83 Arawa Street

Matamata 3400

New Zealand

Stock Lime

Woodside Studio

441 Angelsea Street

Hamilton 3204

New Zealand

Stock Lime

Grace and Glory

1131 Amohau Street

Rotorua 3010

New Zealand

Stock Lime - Teal

Willa Designs 

215 Queen Street

Masterton 5810

New Zealand

Stock Lime


The invention of the year must go to Slica Paint Top!

My paint tin rims were in bad shape, full of flaky, old and dirty paint which ended up contaminating the quality paint in the actual tins....after using the Slica Tops my tins are clean & as new as the day I brought them. 

Clean tin = clean paint! I hear they come in different sizes too which is brilliant. I love that they were designed and made here in Brisbane.

Thanks, Sandy at Daisy Layne for sharing this discovery with me!!!
Kellie from (Revived by Kellie) QLD 4105



I'm a French Polisher. About 2 years ago I was given a 1 and 4 litre Slica by Len when he came to our Men's Shed and I've

been using the same ones ever since! Slica makes my projects so much easier and neater. The clean-up is quick and simple and my tins are kept like brand new.

You really shouldn't be using paint or varnish without putting a Slica on top 1st.

It's a DIY godsend.

Stan Ellaway

 Founder Ellaway Music and Member - Ridley Road Community Men's Shed

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