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Coming to you for the first time ever, we are thrilled to present Dodoland! We absolutely adore the Dodoland EUGYS and are proud to be one of the exclusive stockists of these amazing creatures.


Have fun by piecing together this life-like model one by one! Increase your concentration with precision; grow your creativity with imagination!

Dodoland EUGYS come straight from nature! The cardboard used for these products is made of recyclable material that can entertain children and also be reused for many generations they take great care and devotion in creating these models - designed to bring smiles to people all around the world. So, of all the cardboard that is used once then thrown away, the dodoland models are truly lucky!


Despite age, anyone can befriend a Dodo. It's an excitement-filled activity, where you will unravel a 3D-model right in front of your eyes. Parents, we suggest you make Dodoland models together with your children, as it's a great outlet for family bonding. Amaze yourselves while you witness the cardboard pieces come to life! For us, imagining the happiness these eco-friendly products will provide for the family is what motivates us to make Dodoland better.

Phone orders are welcome Tuesday - Sunday  9 am to 5 pm

m 0418 180 974



Three Eugys for $45 Code THREE

Six Eugys for $90 Code SIX

Buy nine Eugys get the 10th free Code FREE

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