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This antique style, copper and brass bugle evokes the proud spirit of Aussie mateship formed in our military past. Every April 25th, dawn services around the country start with the iconic and haunting bugle call, ‘The Last Post’. As every Australian and New Zealander knows, this date is ANZAC Day and this piece of music is instantly recognisable.

Before radio and wireless, bugles were used to call signals around army campgrounds. ‘The Last Post was literally the signal from the last post indicating that all checks had been done and that the camp could shut down for the night. Over time, this solemn call has come to be used to honour the sacrifice of the ANZAC diggers. It means they’ve completed all their duties and that their tour is over.


Product Length: 300 mm (Approx)

Product Diameter: 100 mm (Approx)

Product Weight: 500 gm (Approx)

Anzac Bugal

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