A full-size reproduction of the vintage Mark V diving helmet, as used by the US Navy through World Wars I and II, right up until the 1980s. This version is a modern take on the iconic, copper classic. Its smooth,  shell is contrasted with gleaming, dark, polished nickel valves, trim and window frames. Bright, new and sleek, this model is a perfect match for contemporary decor.

This stunning helmet could also be converted into a lamp.

Product Name: Divers Helmet (Scuba)
Colours: Blue & Gunmetal/Red & Silver/Black & Gunmetal/Yellow &  Silver/Antique Brass
Materials: Various metals, paint, glass
Product Dimensions: 360W x 450D x 420H mm approx
Product Weight: 5.55 kg approx
Shipping: From Brisbane with Australia Post or courier. Orders usually shipped the next business day.

Diving Helmet US Navy