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An instant mood-booster, this retro-inspired square patterned shirt pops in lively aqua blue. Balance with plain colour trousers and have fun matching the colour! Featuring our signature contrast trim and John Lennon-inspired detailing. Well-tailored and comfortable, this mens shirt features:  100% Cotton Classic Fit Printed Cotton  Soft Feel Sateen Printed Collar and Cuff  About...


At  Daisy Layne, we are proud to offer English Laundry men's casual, business and dress shirts inspired by John Lennon. Handcrafted and hand-laundered from premium quality cotton with a focus on unapologetically bold patterns and attention to detail.

Originating in Manchester England, English Laundry was established in the Australian marketplace in 2002.


Originally offering stripes and plaids with a vintage “Rock n Roll” feel, English Laundry has evolved, designing collections specifically for the Australian market whilst maintaining the elegant, arrogant and English attitude.


Every one of our men's shirts is hand-sewn and hand-laundered. We have spent years refining the perfect fit, to make finding the right shirt effortless for you. The hand-laundering specifically, is a key feature in the fit and comfort of the garment. With attention to detail, English Laundry shirts offer elegant charm with unexpected features such as contrast collars and cuffs and hidden messages sewn into the garment. long sleeve and short sleeve men’s cotton shirts. Whether you are looking for a business shirt to cater for the 9 to 5, a dress shirt for that upcoming special occasion, or casual shirts for men, English Laundry has the answer. 

BRISBANE ROAD Long Sleeve Shirt Blue

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